Rocklin Weight Loss Program Sacramento Roseville

Rocklin Weight Loss

Initial Visit:

This is a scheduled appointment and the cost is $60.00.

The program begins with a new patient consult visit that will be performed by a nurse practitioner in conjuction with a medical assistant and will include:

  • New Patient Paperwork Packet. [download example]
  • New Diet booklet.
  • Height and weight measurements.
  • BMI calculation.
  • Blood pressure and pulse assessment.
  • Documentation of weight loss goals.
  • A B12 injection.
  • Medical history review.
  • 7 Tablets/Capsules of the appetite suppressant Phentermine.
  • Recommend the mineral supplement Chromium.

Follow-up Visits

This is not a scheduled appointment.

  • The cost is $40.00.
  • Weight measurements.
  • Blood pressure and pulse assessment.
  • Tablets/Capsules of appetite suppressant.

Body Composition Testing

This an in depth anaylsis of your body composition and can assist in developing a fitness and nutrition program to maximize your health and weight loss goals!

Analysis of:

  • BMI - Standard height to weight ratio to identify obesity risk
  • Fat % - Healthy body fat is vital to daily bodily functions
  • BMR- Basic Metabolic Rate helps establish how many calories your body needs to achieve proper energy balance.
  • Fat Mass-It's important to keep fat within recommended range
  • Free Fat Mass-Everything in the body that is not fat.
  • Target Body Fat %-Set a realistic goal!
This is included in the new patient exam. For repeat testing for existing clients the fee is $10.00. Body Composition Testing by itself is $25.00
  • Medical exam
  • Product information review.
  • Nutritional counseling to include a tailored eating plan
  • Exercise counseling.
  • Discussion of required lab work.
  • Discussion of expectations.
  • Diet booklet.

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